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All therapists are board-certified Speech-Language Pathologists with years of experience working with children 2-18 in a virtual setting.

Devon Lawrey, CCC-SLP - Michigan Speech Therapist

Devon Lawrey CCC-SLP

Devon has been practicing speech therapy throughout the state of Michigan for four years. She has her Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Western Michigan University. Her passion in life is collaborating with families to support their child's individual communication needs and improve their overall quality of life.

"I became interested in speech-language pathology after I received speech services as a child. My speech therapist had a significant impact on my life by improving my ability to perform in the classroom and interact with my classmates. My passion to support children in strengthening their communication skills in order to be successful in all aspects of their life. This passion of mine stems from my personal experience and the positive effect it had on my life."

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